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That feeling went away when I found one thing - a coach and community. Here is the thing - you do not have to build this business alone! And honestly, you shouldn't. This retreat will give you the community and clarity to realize you have everything you need to thrive right now.

What if there was a better way?

Girl, everyone has.  I used to be the queen of feeling inadequate. When I started, I was constantly worried I didn't have what I needed. I was always impressed with others, and wildly unimpressed with myself. 

Felt behind while building your business?

Have you ever?

I've been building businesses for 5+ years. I will be teaching all of my greatest tools and lessons from the years so you can THRIVE, too.

Just ask Allee...

Ready to Get Clear and scale your Vision?

Having fun and resetting in charming Wilmington by the beach while investing in yourself.

Growing in community and connecting with like-minded women from around the country.

Diving into your business with mindset exercises and 5 workshops that will guide you to be the business woman you were created to be.

Authentically connecting with your ideal client so your business can grow consistently. 

(you know you're ready)

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This is where it gets REAL! We have Fundamental and VIP spots available for The Retreat. Fundamental tickets are for the Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning. VIP Attendees will stay throughout Sunday to Monday to for a Mastermind and One-on-One Coaching with Allee.

Are you ready to dive in?


VIP Attendee

You are ready to get out of your own way and create the life and business you know God is calling you to build.

You are ready for a firm foundation and clear action steps.

You feel alone in business and crave a real, supportive community around you. 

You feel you are constantly drowning, but do not see the growth you are craving. 

You feel frozen when it comes to showing up for yourself.

(trust me, I've been there too)

This is for you if...

The last, most important, part of this Retreat is around building clarity, which leads to willingness. You are your best team member. After, you won't feel like you are in your own way.


I am going to give you the foundational tools to help you manage your time, understand who you are serving, and how to do so in excellence.


I am going to help you build confidence. You are worthy of building your dreams - my workshops will help you connect to the proof you need on the hard days.


Here are the three things this Retreat is built upon. I will lead you through each one, share my honest experiences, and you will leave with actionable steps to apply in your business and life.

Here's What You'll Get

Four years ago, I crowdfunded my way to an entrepreneurial program in San Francisco. From there, I started my first business and girl, I was HOOKED. I was also massively imperfect. I won big, but I also failed big. It all allowed me to learn some incredible lessons I get to teach to the hundreds of women I have been able to mentor and coach. I am here to support you, believe in you, and share all of the tips I needed when I was building my businesses with you now so you can excel the way you deserve to in business and life.

I am here to help you see yourself and your potential unlike ever before.

Hey, I'm Allee!

We have an incredible beach house you will be staying at with Allee, the women, and the team. 

Everyone will be assigned a bed upon arrival. 

All attendees will be contacted and asked about any dietary preferences before arrival.

Everyone will be accommodated!

If you need to come later or earlier, just contact the team and they will make sure you have anything you need. We know you are traveling, so we are happy to support you as needed to make sure you are taken care of!

Everything will be recorded and loaded into a Kajabi account you will have access to for 6 months following the retreat!

Yes! Email Allee at allee@rightupyourallee.com to receive the link to the VIP Payment Plan!

All purchases are non-refundable. Our team will work with you to get recordings from the retreat to you if needed so you do not miss out on all of the juicy goodness.

Are you ready to dive in?



VIP Attendees


Two payments of


One payment of

If you are ready to get out of your own way, the time is now. Grab a spot now while they last. I will see you in Wilmington. Let's change your life!

the support you needed!

At last,

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